Florida Highwaymen Artist A.J. Brown 2nd Generation

Florida Highwaymen Artist A.J. Brown 2nd Generation
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Handpicked, accredited and mentored exclusively by Hall of Fame Original Highwaymen Johnny Lee Daniels. A 40-year veteran of the arts and supporter, “asked me to be his business partner” in his Highwaymen Art Gallery in Fort Pierce, Florida. Highest honors are credited to Johnny who bestowed his heritage, established my life as a Florida Highwaymen Artist 2nd Generation. Highwaymen is a name given to a group of 26 African American artists, who lived in Fort Pierce and surrounding areas painted during the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. The legends handed down their name, history, and heritage to the 2nd Generation; who established with friends and family in 1973; but initially began during the Civil Rights Era with friends in the late 1960’s. James Gibson a 50-year veteran, was the first to teach me to paint the famous Red Royal Poinciana’s. After two years and a demanding schedule, he suggested I paint with Johnny, so I did. Legends witnessed as I became a 2nd Generation member, and revealed tales of their past to me. HONORED TO BE PART OF AMERICA’S HISTORY!

A beautiful example of art transcending time is found in the story of the “Florida Highwaymen”.
Historic Artist A J Brown is a 2nd Generation Highwaymen of Fort Pierce, Florida.
History handed down by legends, endorsed, mentored and highest credits to Original Johnny Lee Daniels.
Instructed and history by James Gibson, accredited and painted with Willie Daniels, and highway-ed with Al Black. Bestowed the name 2nd Generation Highwaymen, endorsed by the legends themselves!
  • Florida Highwaymen Artist A.J. Brown 2nd Generation