Membership in the Fort Pierce Authentic Tours (FPAT) program is open to any Fort Pierce nature, agri, nautical or cultural heritage tourism provider or a business that provides services to travelers and visitors, including hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, etc.

The contribution of local tourism businesses is vital to the richness and authenticity of a destination, as well as to the economy.  However, a tourism destination is only as good as its products. By improving customer service, operations, financial management, sustainability practices and marketing for small locally-owned businesses, the destination will collectively improve.

The FPAT program is aimed to deliver business development training, promote technology in the marketplace, create mechanisms for joint promotion, and facilitate communication and the sharing of best practices among small tourism-related enterprises.

Additionally, FPAT is designed to:

  • Enhance the competitiveness of small tourism-related businesses;
  • Increase avenues and mechanisms for marketing and promotion;
  • Improve efficiency and use of information and communication technologies in management and operations;
  • Increase communication and sharing of best practices among small tourism enterprises; and
  • Establish sustainability/capacity-building programs tailored to the requirements of small tourism-based enterprises.

FPAT memberships are geared to increase revenues, visibility and sustainability of individual tourism-based businesses which, in turn, profits the entire local economy.

Our Members

FPAT members care a lot about where they live and work.  They care passionately about keeping Fort Pierce un-spoilt by tourism. And, they want you to have a remarkable experience so you will continue to return with your friends and family.

FPAT members are committed to ensuring our tourism activities are conducted in a responsible, ecologically-friendly way and are always designed to minimize the negative impact on our precious environment, while they provide positive experiences for our visitors and citizens.

When you visit Fort Pierce, you’ll get much more than a brief stay somewhere. You’ll get a real connection with the people, the landscape, the culture, food and the environment that make up Real Florida.


Please call 772-467-3169 or email with any questions.  Click FPAT Membership Application to access an online membership application in Word format.


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FPAT Volunteer Registration Form

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