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Our mission is to promote Fort Pierce as the premier destination in Florida – for EVERYONE.

Our Mission

Fort Pierce Authentic Tours (FPAT) is a collective of forward-thinking Fort Pierce businesses coming together to promote the unique eco, agri, nature, nautical and cultural heritage experiences Fort Pierce has to offer.

We aim to grow the capacity and sustainability of small locally-owned and operated tourism businesses in and around the City of Fort Pierce that contribute to conservation and ecological preservation and to serve as a model for other like initiatives by disseminating tools that influence the broader tourism industry towards greater ecological sustainability and preservation of our cultural heritage.

Our Members

FPAT members care a lot about where they live and work. They care passionately about keeping Fort Pierce un-spoilt by tourism. And, they want you to have a remarkable experience so you return with your friends and family.

No matter the type of tourism experience – you name it, when you visit Fort Pierce, you’ll get much more than a brief stay somewhere.  You’ll get a real connection with the people, the landscape, the culture, food and the environment that make up Real Florida.

FPAT members are committed to ensuring our tourism activities are conducted in a responsible, ecological-friendly way and are always designed to minimize the negative impact on our precious environment, while they strengthen cultural and provide positive experiences for both our visitors and tourism operators.

With a Great Location, Fort Pierce is easily reached from just about anywhere in Florida.

Both Interstate-95 and Florida’s Turnpike have exits in Fort Pierce. State Route 68 and 70 are gateways from Central Florida. Traveling from outside Florida, other countries, 5 major airports are within a short distance.